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The majority of Courier Services London will make great promises about delivery speed, but very few will discuss the importance of looking after goods in transit. This is quite surprising when you consider that one of the key responsibilities of Courier Services Near Me is to handle goods with care. 

It’s for this reason that SCS are keen to highlight the fact that we are a premium delivery service. This means that both our delivery drivers and vehicles are equipped to handle your packages with care, without stress, we offer waiting time, hand delivery, person to person, we can pick up items on your behalf. 

Our philosophy is that fast delivery speeds can be combined with a delicate touch.

Every now and then, a customer will come along that has a very specific set of requirements. If their parcel or package isn’t delivered in a very specific fashion, then they will ultimately be disappointed. 

The SCS mantra is that we are here to serve you. If you tell us what type of delivery service you would like, then we will do everything in our power to oblige. We have the experience, equipment and expertise to meet your needs.

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