The range of services we provide can meet any requirements in the Same Day Delivering. The Company Team will get to know all the specific details of how to serve you in the best possible way. Selena’s team will become part of your team thereby we will make you completely satisfied. Our Service is a right choice for you and your business on every day delivery around London. Find out how our Services are working and choose the right for you.



Priority Direct Delivery is fast and secure way to send parcels around London. Most of requests we complete within an hour (depends on recipient location distance). After setting up a deadline our team will manage collection time and confirm all details via e-mail or phone call. We will plan the best possible route and track job until it’s done via Courier Electronic Device.

Same day delivery offers secure and priceless delivery across London. Collection within 90 minutes and delivery to destination in following few hours or by first available courier. Tracking and POD are available on request. Book us easy online or by phone.

New service to deliver your parcels on daily base across some areas of London with over 60% saving. Collection twice a day: morning and afternoon time. Delivery is on next 3 - 4 hours after collection. Send as a Group Delivery and save even more. Click here for a full postcodes list and a map to find out if this service is covering your recipient’s location. Alternatively call us now.

Group Delivery Service is designed as an option to save you money when you send parcels to more than one destination and it’s available for all delivery services. Discover our Group Delivery Service to find out how you can save today. This service is addable on our Online Booking Form. Or just call us and we will be happy to assist your quote or booking.

Retrieved delivery is a part of couriering solution for you. Get 25% off on return journey and you can book as the Priority Service. This service will keep things closer all the time. Our couriers can provide you a live update when they need to chase a parcel for you. Easy to book on Online Booking Form or you may call assistant. The Company may call you for more details

When we come across your parcel we can’t leave it away. We will call to find out if you would like it to be delivered to you. This service is on our initiative as we willing to support our customers every day. Also this service can be set up as a part of customized courier pack for your business.

Selena’s Team has life experience in booking management and route planning that proved to be at time and does its best for making clients satisfied. We can share our experience in managing your booking and which service is appropriate for your business with a maximum effect and money saving. Our Team can be more efficient when we receive booking from the first face without missing details. It’s a new way of having personal courier service.