Est 2007 by running only one vehicle. It was beginning of the research of courier industry. We have been working  very hard to find how to develop a professional courier service which you can rely on. Selena Courier proved to be a trusted business partner by delivering our promises.  We have completed most of customer's assignments within an hour by learning streets and managing our couriers in an efficient way, planning logistics and setting up time for tasks to be completed. Our couriers didn’t learn “how to use GPRS navigator” but “AtoZ Map” was made to become a real courier with real roads knowledge. Yes, we spend a lot of time to search for efficient route. One  more advantage is to use internet connected devices to check traffic update and road works for a better planning.

We’ve received high rates from our customers as a “private” courier. Yes, we complete 90% customers requirements of the same day. We support our customers every day.

Another target for company was to meet present day vehicles standards to reduce pollution to as low as possible. By 2011 company reduced emission by using the latest vehicles with EURO 5 engine standards and Electric cars which produce zero emission in very congested areas. Paper usage was also reduced by 70% by converting our paper sheets into touchscreen devices for PODs and thanks to our customers who accepted email version of invoices it helped to receive higher percentage in environmental health. 

Company's website allows customers to control, manage and monitor their bookings and invoices.   This option helps to reduce congested phone lines, when customers can amend, update, add information bookings in progress by them-self. It also was an advantageous to the logistic and coordination team to bring immediate action.

Our experienced team can give you an advice how to make the most of a courier service. 

We will help and plan deliveries for you by organising the correct service needed to satisfy and reach the deadlines. It could be group delivery or same day service, company coordinator will be able to advise after all needed information collected. 

 Yes, we are young but we are highly motivated. We are looking for an opportunity to become closer to our customers. We take seriously all  their comments. 


Find and Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagramm. Every opinion is important to us. We want to give a better service, so be part of our life because we would like to be part of yours.